emie fortney


Hello, I am a freelance writer and native English speaker/writer from Missouri, USA. I have an Associate’s degree in Early Childhood Development and Education as well as pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology with specializations in Counseling and Child Psychology.

I am available most weekdays between 6am and 4pm CST. I am not available on Saturdays or Sundays.

I also have many other areas of study and interest, such as: Blogging, Business Administration and Management, Accounting, Marketing, Educational Administration, Health, Nutrition, Information Technology, Social Media Marketing, Graphics and Design, Quality Assurance, Theology and Religions of the World, Ancient Astronaut Theory, World History, The World Grid Theory, and much more.

I am also proficient in both APA and MLA formatting and formatting for scientific publications. I am also proficient in basic HTML, WordPress, and basic SEO.

Check out my portfolio of past and present work.

The fact that I am a lifetime learner means that I am always willing to research and educate myself in areas which I am not well versed. I also enjoy trying new things that present a challenge for me and tutoring others who are trying to learn.

Is there something you would like to ask? Have a suggestion?

Let me know!


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